Activators can be setup for more advanced input methods to use. These are called Sync and Sequence Activators. Sync-Activators basically allows the player to trigger inputs simultaneously to play an animation. The Sequence-Activators are used to link inputs in a sequence like triggering Ryu’s Hadouken which is done by inputting Down > Down-Forward > Forward > Punch on the controller. 

1. Sync and Sequence Activator Attributes
There are a few options in these slots to use for Activator setup. Although not pictured in the diagram above, Sequence activators share similar setup attributes. From left to right:

Input Source - Select from Key, Mouse, Button or SYNCS (only available when using a Sequence Activator) to add to the slot pool to combine/sequence.

Add  - Click to add the selected Input Source to the slot pool

Show/Hide  - Click to hide or show the slot pool

APPLY  - Click to finalize the setups that are in the pool. This cannot be used if ALL the Input Slots are not SET or there is not enough input slots SET. GAC will give a warning.
2. Sync Input State
 This popup provides the state the input must be in to trigger. These are Hold (default), Press and Release. This is only available for Sync Activators.

3. Sync/Sequence Input Slots
Each input slot is provided with difference options to setup syncs or sequence inputs. From Left to Right:

Input Source Type - This signifies the Input Source Type

Input Event - This popup provides the input events available for this type of input.

Delete/SET - The Delete button removes the input slot from the pool. The SET button sets the input slot in the pool to use.

Follow these steps to setup Synchro or Sequence Activators: 
  1. After adding the Activator source (Sync or Sequence), select from the animation popup to use.
  2. Set the activator number to use.
  3. Choose an Input Source (Key, Buttons, Mouse, SYNCS (only available for Sequence Activators) to add a slot to use.
  4. Based on the source, select the type of event to trigger with (E.G. Key Source – 'A' key)
  5. SET each slot (At least 2 slots set is required, max is 5).
  6. Then when finished, click APPLY to see the resulting setup.
  7. When working with Sequence Activators, you can use Sync Activators that were SET to use for this character. You will see SYNCS in the Input Source popup menu. This allows maximization of the usage of both together. E.G. Forward > Down > A+S is a combination of Sequence and Sync activators.
Removing (Clicking EDIT) a Sync Activator that was SET will remove it from all Sequence Activators that were using it. This will open up the Sequence Activator pools to show that they were edited.