P-VUE; the PlayFab Visual Unity Extensions is built to allow access to PlayFab's API using popular Visual Scripting tools. This allows the PlayFab platform to reach developers who don't want to or can't code. This Beta release currently supports Playmaker, but more new features are being added to support other Visual Scripting tools. P-VUE will also provide Unity Editor tools to access PlayFab's Game Manager in upcoming features.

Feature List V0.3 Beta:
  • P-VUE Manager - Manage enabling/disabling features of P-VUE 
  • Currently, access over 400 Playmaker Actions (API and Custom)! *NOTE: Beta release means there could be bugs in the Playmaker Actions. FOUND BUGS IN AN ACTION OR IT JUST DOESN'T WORK, PLEASE CLICK LINK TO EMAIL ME BELOW!

Upcoming Features:
  • uScript Nodes
  • iCode Actions
  • PlayFab Content Upload Manager (For DLC)
  • Game Manager access from Unity using the NEW PlayFab Manager
  • More features in the works 

What is PlayFab?

PlayFab is a FREE backend service for your games to handle Player Profiles, In-Game Economy, Serverside Logic, Multiplayer and Social features, Messaging and Analytics.
Here is the link:  PlayFab Website