The GAC-PAC (Preview Animation Combos) Window is the intuitive information tool that gives visual feedback of all your combos that you have setup in the  Combos Setup menu. 

1. Combo No./Link Amount
This shows the Combo # and the amount of animations linked in the combo

2. Show/Hide Animation Combos 
This is used to Show or Hide the combos of that specific Starter Animation. Also shows the amount of animations linked in combo in parenthesis.

3. Starter Activators Info 
This Box shows the Activator numbers that can be used to start this combo. Multiple Activators can be listed in this.

4. Link Arrows 
These arrows show the progression of the combo. Black arrows are normal and Green arrows tell that the combo is being continued on a different line when no more space is available in the window to list it. 

5. Animation Box 
This shows the animation that is in the combo in sequence. Bottom left Red number is the activator used to call this in combo and bottom right Blue D signifies that the animation is delayed in the combo. 

6. Activators Button
This is used to Show or Hide the Box that lists the Activators that are used to call this Starter Animation