DaW (Direct-a-Wave) is a simple Enemy Wave Spawning system used to setup and have direct control over how you want enemy waves to play.
Feature List V2.0:
  • NEW! Brand New Inspector UI
  • NEW! PlayMaker Support
  • NEW! Fully Rewritten in C#
  • PoolManager Support
  • Pre-Pools your enemy prefabs with the custom pooler - Built with mobile in mind! 
  • Use 2 different Wave Modes (Eliminate and Timed)
  • Use Wave Types (Randomized and Linear) that control how your enemies spawn out
  • Control when and where your pools spawn with the Simple API
  • Create Spawn Types (Random and Static) that provide direct control of where and what types of enemies spawn at a specific spawn point
  • Manage all your spawn points complete through the Editor
  • The Pool Weighting system gives the ability to spawn the enemy based on weights (percentage)
  • Do this ALL from ONE Inspector Panel!
  • Full Source Code!