The Combos Setup menu is where you get to create the combos from all the Animation Slots you have setup in the Animations Setup menu.

1. Starter Animations
This provides a popup menu of the Animation Slots that are set to be used as Starter Animations. Any Starter Animation that has not been added to the combos will still be available here; otherwise if they were added to the system already, they won’t show. If no more Starter Animation Slots are available to add to combo, it will say "NONE".

2. Debug Mode
This is used to get information feedback from the GAC System. It provides many types of information:

Animation Info - logs when an animation has been linked in a combo.
Hit Info - logs when a hit is detected from an animation.
Hit Range Info - logs when object is within hit range of the closest attack
Target Info - logs when the object is added as a target to the Target Tracker when within range
Input Info - logs what inputs are used
Context Info - logs when a context variable value is updated

3. Starter Animation Group/Name 
This is the Starter Animations combo settings. All combos that begin with this Starter Animation will be in its fold out. Click DELETE STARTER button to remove this Starter Animation Group and all it's combos.

4. Combo Group/Name 
This provides the option to give the combo a custom name. Click ADD NAME button then type name in, then click the SET NAME button to set the custom name. To change the name, click the EDIT NAME button. If no custom name is used, it will keep it's default name as Combo #xx.

5. Combo Settings Buttons 
The buttons that are shown in each Animation Slot Group are (from left to right):

Go To Animations Setup Menu - This quickly jumps to the Animations Setup Menu
Go To Activators Setup Menu - This quickly jumps to the Activators Setup Menu
Go To Context Setup Menu - This quickly jumps to the Context Setup Menu
Remove Slot - Removes the currently selected Combo Slot
Add Slot - Adds a new Combo Slot below the current slot of this Starter Animation
Move Down - Moves the Combo Slot down below another slot
Move Up - Moves the Combo Slot up before another slot
Expand All - Opens all Starter and Combo Slot foldouts
Close All - Closes all Starter and Combo Slot foldouts

6. Normal Animation Spot
This is a Normal Animation Spot. From left to right, the options are:

Activator Popup - Select from the list of added Activator numbers to use for this sequence
Animation Popup - Select from the list of added Animations Slots to use for this sequence
Sequence - The current sequence number of the Animation Spot in the combo

7. Delayed Animation Spot
The Delayed Animations Spots are used to set a delayed animation in the sequence of a combo. These are colored in blue and have a "D" at the left of the spot for easy distinction. Clicking the blue  D button will add this spot to the sequence. This button is only shown if the previous Animation Spot has been SET.

8. Context Spots
The Context Spots can be added to either Normal or Delayed Animation Spots. These have a "C" at the left of the spot for easy distinction. Clicking the green  C button will add a Context Spot to the Animation Spot. This button is only shown if the Animation Spot is not SET. Each Animation Spot can have 5 Context Spots added to use Context Variables.

SET/APPLY Buttons 
The SET button allows the finalization of the Animation Spot for the sequence and clicking EDIT allows changes to be made to this setup whenever needed. The APPLY button only shows for Animation Spots with added Context Spots but works just the same as the SET button.