ASE has a very simple and easy to learn workflow. To jump in immediately and start using GAC, follow these steps: 
  • Drag the ASE.cs script from the GAC folder onto the Game Object OR add the script from the component menu.
  • ASE will now load all the animations on the Animation Component or Animator Component.
  • If there are no animations or there are no Animation or Animator Components available, ASE will throw warnings.
  • When using an Animator component, if there are no Controllers found, ASE will throw a warning.
  • Add or remove animations from the Animation or Animator Component and ASE will update with the changes.
  • Use the Speed Slider to adjust the playback speed of the animation. Click the RESET button sets the default speed to 1.
  • Click the PLAY button to test out the speed set above. Subsequently, the STOP button while stop the animation from playing.
  • Use the Frames/Seconds slider to view the current frame/time of the animation or use it to scrub through the animation's timeline
  • Clicking the S button when in using the Frames slider switches animation timeline to use Seconds and clicking the F button reverses this.
  • Set the Wrapmode of the animation from the options. Available are 6 Layers to choose from to set the animation on so select one.
Wrapmodes are only supported for Legacy Animations. There will only be Once and Loop available for Mecanim Animations and they are just used to survey the animation and won't have any bearing on gameplay.
Layers are only supported for Legacy Animations currently.
  • While the animation is playing, the Camera Viewpoints can be changed by clicking each corresponding button.
  • When in need, there is the option to save any changes made during play mode. Click the AUTOSAVE button to have ASE save any changes made while in Play mode of the editor. The GEAR button next to it can be used to Contact Support or checkout the online docs when needed.
ASE API Reference
  • Now to make changes while in runtime of the gameplay; the       ASE API Reference       provides all that's needed to do this with ONE simple line of code. Check out the page.
  • That's it! Now continue doing this for all your animations!