Did you create or have animations that were too fast/slow when made in 3D Software? Enter ASE, the Animation Speed Editor, which helps you edit the animations speeds right from the inspector. With ASE you can control and change the speed of ANY animation of ANY Gameobject at ANY point in game. It's as easy as using ONE line of code. ASE is perfect for Slow-Mo and SuperSpeed effects! 
Feature List V4.0:
  • NEW! Mecanim Support - The long awaited feature allows access to your Animator Controller
  • NEW! Animation Scrubbing - Scrub through animation timeline in Frames or Seconds; see animation time/frame playback
  • NEW! In-Editor Survey - Test out the speed of your animations without ever having to be in Play mode
  • 3 Method Calls to change speed in script - Single, Reference and Multi-Object
  • Set Animation Speeds, Wrapmodes and Layers from the Inspector! Wrapmodes and Layers only supported for Legacy animations currently 
  • Play/Stop animations using the inspector to survey animation speeds 
  • AutoSave Values - Have values set in Play mode persist in Edit Mode
  • View animations at different angles using Quick Camera Viewpoints