The philosophy of JrDevarts Assets is giving the freedom to use whatever options a developer has at their disposal. With that in mind, GAC has builtin support for 3rd Party Input Asset Plugins to use as Activators. The current supported assets are InControl and Control Freak with additional support for other solutions planned to be provided in the future.

To begin using third party Input Sources for Activators:
1. Make sure the 3rd party asset files are imported for that specific asset.
2. Click the Plugins Setup menu, then if the 3rd party asset is in the project, it's button will be green.
3. Click the 3rd party asset button to begin using specific activators for the asset
The longer way to do this is:
1. Select then Delete the default GAC_Editor.cs script in the "GAC-GreatAnimationCombos/Editor" folder (This step is necessary to load the 3rd party plugin Editor properly but can also be done after the following steps)
2. Navigate to the "GAC-GreatAnimationCombos/InputSources" folder
3. Find and import the Asset Package of the 3rd party plugin
1. InControl Activator
This provides the general InControl input options for use. Starting at the "Action 1" Input Name:
Input Names - The type of input controls provided from InControl. The supported input controls are:
  • LeftStickLeft, LeftStickRight, LeftStickUp, LeftStickDown, LeftStickButton
  • RightStickLeft, RightStickRight, RightStickUp, RightStickDown, RightStickButton
  • DPadLeft, DPadRight, DPadUp, DPadDown
  • Action1, Action2, Action3, Action4
  • LeftTrigger, RightTrigger
  • LeftBumper, RightBumper
For more info, see the InControl Standardized Controls page for all the input control types.

Input State - This is the state of the input type. This changes based on if the input type are stick types which provides 8 directions to set or button types which provides the state of the button pushed (Press, Release, Hold).

2. InControl Unsupported Activator
This provides other buttons that are not standardized with InControl use. This activator has similar setups as the general InControl activator above. For more info, see the InControl Standardized Controls page for all the input control types and read the last paragraph.

3. InControl Syncs/Sequence Activator
These options are provided for both InControl Sync and Sequence activators. Starting from the left after the Activator Number '7':
InControl Control Types - This popup provides the different types of controls to add to the sync/sequence spot. These include Sticks, D-Pad, Actions, Triggers, Bumpers, and Unsupported buttons.
Add - Adds the control type to the sync/sequence spot
Show/Hide - Shows or hides the settings for the sync/seuqnece activators

4. Sync/Sequence Spot
These are setup spots within InControl sync/sequence activators to set inputs. From left to right:

InControl Control Type/Selection - This provides a selection of/shows the InControl Control Type
Control State/Control Options - This popup provides different options based on the type of control selected. If a Stick Control  Source Type selected this shows popup for 8 Directions. If a Button Control Source Type shows the extended options of that button source. For E.G. Action Source Type provides selection of the 4 difference Action button InControl provides.
Control Freak
The Control Freak Activators are similar to the Default Activators for Key, Mouse, Buttons, Syncs and Sequences so the setup should be easy.